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North East Victoria


Family farmers, Courtney and Ian from Woodstock Flour, are purchasing a sifter for their farm-based flour milling operations. They will use the sifter to trial the production of a high extraction flour (similar to a white flour) made from organic grain grown on their farm. The pair hope to demonstrate that there is a market for this product and eventually expand to mill grain grown by other organic and regenerative farmers in the region.

The project’s key objectives are:

  • Purchase and install commercial sifting line in their flour milling operation. 
  • Produce 25-50 tonnes of high extraction flour in the first 12 months of operation and market product to the local border region and North East Victoria.
  • Sustainably scale the business to a position where they can purchase and operate a third larger stone mill (that can feed into the sifting line) and begin purchasing grain from local regenerative and organic growers.

Woodstock Flour is baking the world a better place

Project Updates

June 2022

We have ordered our sifter! It has been a smooth process and there’s a lot of interest in our baking community for the sifted flour. The cost of freight for the sifter has increased from the initial quote (but it’s not insurmountable).

We have roughly outlined a schedule of interviewees for our Bake the World a Better Place instagram live series.

We also attended GrAiNZ in Daylesford where we got to chat with bakers about our sifter and discuss how we can best move forward as a collective in the local grains space. Out of this event, we have decided to set up an internship model on our farm to encourage young people to explore grain growing and milling. At this stage we anticipate we will seek funding to pay for an interested individual to come and work on our farm for 3-4 days at a time over different periods throughout the year. This will allow the individual to experience sowing, crop maintenance and harvest, as well as the different aspects of the flour mill. Farmer Incubator is keen to explore this model with us and to also look into a program that would allow a group from Melbourne to come out and see what we do at different points through out the year. We understand that grain growing is viewed as inaccessible for young farmers but we’d like to challenge that assumption, demystify the process, and open a dialogue around how young farmers can address issues around land access and capital for equipment/infrastructure, etc


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