Where eaters, growers, leaders + funders meet to regenerate Australia’s food system.

Sustainable Table is an environmental not-for-profit working to heal Australia’s food system from the inside out.

As an agile team of practitioners, researchers and thought leaders, we connect regenerative projects with those who wish to fund them, seeding and scaling food system transformation right across the country.

Our Fund. A unique collaboration between food system experts + aligned investors.

We’re creating a nationwide picture of food system change + innovation. Tell us about your organisation, initiative or idea (and get on our funding radar while you’re at it!).

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Wondering what happened to ‘the old Sustainable Table’?

Fear not! You can access 12 years’ worth of ethical eating resources and guides, here.

Our focus has now shifted towards transforming Australia’s food system from the inside out, supporting and funding projects that regenerate soil, waterways, reefs, forests, communities, knowledge, and wellbeing right across the country.

You can learn more about Sustainable Table’s transition here.

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