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Looking for a roundup of why the food system needs our urgent attention? Look no further. Julian Cribb’s book, The Coming Famine, has been summarised into a gripping read right here… with pretty headings so as not to overwhelm.


If you’re coming to terms with what it means to be an ethical omnivore and trying to make sense of our industrial food system as well as the free range and organic alternatives out there, then click here to learn more.


Food and packaging waste is not something that simply ‘goes away’ when we pop it in the rubbish bin for collection each week. Waste has an insidious, long-term impact on our environment, our wildlife and ultimately our health. Changing this starts with us, learn how.


So what does organic farming actually mean and why does it get whacked with a ‘hippie or well-to-do’ label? Since when did industrial or conventional farming become the norm and why? What does it mean for animals, the environment and our health? Find out here.


If you’re completely baffled by free range labelling, what sustainable seafood actually means and what produce is in season when, then this section is for you!


View our helpful directories of where to shop, including: Ethical Meat Suppliers, Bulk Food Stores, Good Milk Directory and our Ethical Shopping Pyramid


Sustainable Table’s website is jam-packed with information about why we need to change the way we live and eat in order to build a food system that is fair, humane, healthy and good for the environment. But sometimes all you need is a pretty 10-step list to tell you exactly what to do. Well, Voila!


View our lovely library of downloadable resources, it’s super handy for schools, institutions and those who want to learn more.

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Live simple. Live sustainable.

Mother’s Day reflection + how the heck to #VoteClimate

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I wrote a post on social media on Mother’s Day which resonated with many, so I have decided to share it on the blog. I’ve also expanded the list of things [...]

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In celebration of women – part one : Lauren Mathers

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This is Chris. Be more like Chris.

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At the risk of making sweeping generalisations, it does appear that men are far more affronted by the prospect of removing meat from their diet, even for a day or heaven [...]

It’s not meat. It’s you.

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Meat Free Week is just around the corner, running from 24th-30th September, and it turns out that going meat free, even for a week, is a pretty polarising topic. People [...]

A chance to own a piece of ethical pie

August 28th, 2018|0 Comments

Robert Pekin and Emma-Kate Rose of Food Connect Brisbane fame are entering a brave new world of equity crowdfunding and need the community’s support to turn their dream of having [...]

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