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The Tasmanian Produce Collective is a social enterprise owned and operated by producers. The organisation’s virtual farmers market offers a wide selection of fresh, seasonal products to Tasmanians via a convenient online platform, where conscientious consumers and producers come together to create a healthier local food system for all.

The Sustainable Table Fund is supporting the organisation to create a stronger, more resilient, localised food system that benefits producers and communities across Tasmania. This will include funding to:

  • Hire a part-time Producer & Customer Liaison to build stronger relationships with producers and customers
  • Develop a branding awareness strategy and advertising campaign to enable growth
  • Purchase a refrigerated vehicle to allow the organisation to take control of logistics

Tasmanian Produce Collective is all about healthy local food systems

Project Updates

July 2022

The last two months have been really busy. There have been a lot of team changes, with a planned resignation of our CEO, the hiring of our first staff member as Producer Liaison and bringing on a new Board member. We have also been dealing with various challenges due to COVID.

Our team underwent an urgent re-assessment of our fees and logistics. We didn’t address the van costs and logistics until it became a pressing problem and this resulted in us needing to pausing our Southern Hub for one order cycle. To solve this problem, we researched options and solutions to our logistics challenges and have developed a new delivery fee structure. Additionally we have been working on a tiered membership fee structure that gives producers the option to offer their time and input in exchange for discounted membership fees. We are exploring incentives to encourage volunteers through the use of vouchers.

Finally, we became more aware of needing to add to the collective’s cash reserve in order to save for ongoing employment of staff and a buffer for unforeseen costs.

Some of our biggest learnings from this period have been:

  • The need to address problems before they become urgent
  • There are great benefits to effective forward planning
  • Tasks frequently take longer than you anticipate
  • When you’re working remotely, sometimes simple answers take a little longer using technology versus face-to-face communication


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