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The Sustainable Table Fund is a unique collaboration between food system practitioners, thought leaders and aligned funders. Together, we’re growing and guiding capital to regenerate our food system at the rate required to avoid climate catastrophe.

Our Fund has arisen in response to:

  • The urgent need to inject capital into transformative regenerative food and farming initiatives, especially those for which economic return is a long game.
  • The growing interest from philanthropic funders to support this sector, but without clear direction as to where or how they can achieve significant impact.

While the complex and ever-changing nature of food systems certainly keep us on our toes, it’s robust governance, rigorous assessment frameworks and team agility that allow us to dance with the challenge. Along the way, we’re building an open-source knowledge commons so that others who share our passion and purpose can also learn the moves.

Are you a food change maker?

Are you working in the regenerative agriculture space? Our team would love to hear from you!

We need your help to create the first ever map of Australian regenerative food and farming systems. This map will allow our team to spot the gaps and opportunities for impact, connect like minded groups and projects, and direct funding to where it’s needed most. 

So if you’re involved in food change making in Australia, fill out the form linked below, tell us what you’re up to and let us know if you have a project you’d like us to fund (you can leave this section blank if you don’t). We want to hear from regenerative farmers, community leaders, knowledge keepers, educators, growers, connectors, innovators and more. No project is too big or small. 

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Eight principles underpin our work, from funded projects and investor partnerships to the way we move as a team and live as people.

While we’re proud to wear these principles on our sleeve, we acknowledge that trendy terms like ‘regenerative’ and ‘relational’ have been forever embedded in a living culture of caring for Country. Traditional Owners have tended these ancient lands, sustainably and regeneratively, for thousands of generations – and we’ll spend our lifetimes learning from them, striving to make these principles ring true.


Sticky tape and glue can’t fix a fragile industrial food system that fails to value people, animals and the natural world. We’re here for transformation. 


Whether it’s sequestering carbon, increasing soil biology or replenishing human potential, regeneration is our modus operandi.


Rather than lines on a map, we look to waterways, soil types, mountain rangeslocal cultures and knowledge systems for an enhanced understanding of people and place. 

A Systems Lens

Our planet is a living and interconnected thingmade up of complex relationships, not simplified partsThat’s why we wear ‘systems specs’ thelp us see and respond to the whole, glorious picture


We work hard to unpack, challenge and supplant colonial structures in our minds and processes, while pursuing active ally ship and supporting Indigenous sovereignty


True wealth rests in relationships; the ways we connect, care for each other and collaborate. Our Fund is as much about financial investment as it is about rich and enduring relationships. 

Open Source

This is no time for ‘mine’ and ‘yours’. We want the learnings, challenges and frameworks that arise from our Fund to be available to everyone

Catalytic Capital

All too often, the long-term, iterative and unsexy projects that most need funding, don’t receive it. We want to change that. 

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The forms of finance we mobilise are rare, precious and destined to make a genuine impact. So, we focus on aligning closely with our investors’ capacity and interests to find the right funding fit – because it’s a heart thing too. Then it’s small moves smartly made, as John Hagel would say, guiding capital towards the oft overlooked cracks and niches that represent tectonic shifts over time.
That’s how we work.

Impact Areas.

These four Impact Areas are our way of prioritising food system change. Born of deep consultation with key local food stakeholders, they guide project selection, maintain diversity and focus our investment and attention. For your project to qualify for funding, it must fulfil one (or more) Impact Area.


Grow share the evidence base for regenerative farming + food systems


Bring a culture of regeneration to life through knowledge connection.


Reward + incentivise ecological restoration so that it happens faster.


Support Value-Based Supply Chains that put faces + places back into food. 

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