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Mildura, Victoria


Sunraysia is an export-oriented food bowl impacted by drought and 25% of farmland is vacant. The solution to transforming the region into a productive foodscape that feeds our community is already here: dozens of skilled farmers – landless former refugees from East Africa – living in Sunraysia who are desperate to farm. Food Next Door Co-op will use participatory methods to develop an accessible training program for these farmers to establish small-scale farming enterprises – combining human potential with farmland potential.

The project’s key objectives for stage one are:

  • Plan an intentionally designed project with all participants and entities.
  • Develop a training program for new migrant farmers in Sunraysia that supports them to establish a small-scale farming enterprise in Australia;
  • Showcase the story and success of program graduates.

Food Next Door Co-op is incubating small-scale farmers

Project Updates

June 2022

Rdot Consultants was engaged by Food Next Door Co-Op to assist with the change management of an outgoing founder and executive officer to a new executive officer. The last two months have focused on the transition of the new executive officer into the role, relationships with internal and external stakeholders, staff and board management and advisory. A key factor was ensuring organisational culture was not disrupted and we didn’t lose any of our existing employees, while encouraging growth and direction moving forward.

The team, members and stakeholders have been able to transition without major disruption while building new and improved processes and ways of working. Team members have been able to up-skill during the two months, be more actively involved and develop their understanding of the organisation. It has also been really exciting to see how the board has evolved and engaged through this process, along with new and existing external stakeholders.

As with any change process there are times of uncertainty. Obstacles such as staff morale and concern about the change in leadership were identified early on and this ensured that processes were put in place so everyone felt supported and involved.

We’ve learnt that there is never one way of doing something, and even when you have planned it down to the dot, you still always need to be able to change and adapt. It is how we grow and strengthen our organisation.


Project Stories

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