About Sustainable Table.

Together with courageous eaters, growers, leaders & aligned funders we are catalysing the regeneration of Australia’s food systems.

Our Why.

Our world is facing unprecedented challenges and there is a growing awareness that business as usual just won’t cut it. Our industrial and mechanical systems continue to harm people and the planet in countless ways, taking more than they give and stealing from future generations.

Many in the regenerative agriculture industry have been working tirelessly against the current to bring about the change we know needs to happen, change that has the power to transform our world. They grow, lead and innovate in harmony with our natural systems, proving that there is another way. Sustainable Table is enabling, amplifying and accelerating these alternative food systems.

Our Approach.

We are transforming food systems in 3 ways…


We are connecting regenerative projects with philanthropic funds and aligned impact investors. We are steadily growing our funding pool to enable people and activities across Australia to catalyse the regeneration of our food systems.


We are developing regenerative industry networks, knowledge and capacity. Through targeted industry support and a soon to be launched open source map that shares the details of projects happening across Australia, we are nurturing the conditions for connection, collaboration and cooperation.

Two people holding a bowl of tomatoes. One has gardening gloves on.


We are collaborating with industry to amplify and tell the stories of the incredible game-changing work being done. This allows people and organisations to learn from successes, leap-frog failures and take meaningful action for transformation.