Farmer Incubator

Melbourne, Victoria


By helping new agroecological farmers to enter agriculture, Farmer Incubator is helping to create a new generation of Australian farmers, who are driven by values of ecological stewardship and community.  The organisation does this by bringing farm incubator models to Australia. A farm incubator is a program that supports aspiring farmers to kick off their farm businesses – providing resources such as land, capital, skills development, mentoring and access to marketing. While farm incubation models are well established in countries like the US, the organisation’s research report shows farm incubators need to be adapted to the local context to work well.

Sustainable Table’s funding of Farmer Incubator will enable them to develop the strategic planning, partnerships and systems it needs to achieve both impact and financial sustainability.   

The project’s key objectives are:

  • Finalising and executing a strategic plan
  • Developing stronger governance frameworks by recruiting board members with wider experience
  • Broadening income streams by activating new sites and crops to teach aspiring farmers how to hone their skills
  • Improving existing program profitability by expanding their successful farmer training programs

Seed funding for core operations is important to Farmer Incubator so that it can continue implementing long-term programs that develop successful incubator farms across Australia. This funding will provide the bridge the organisation needs to continue activating new and aspiring farmers who care for Country and community.

An audience sits in a paddock, watching and listening to a panel of speakers.
An audience of people sit at tables in a bar, listening to a person at the front of the room speak.

Farmer Incubator is activating new and aspiring farmers who care for Country and community


A group of people in a paddock, harvesting the garlic that has been growing there.

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