Our Advisors.


Strategic Advisor

When she’s not championing food system resilience and connection through her life’s work the Open Food Network, this ground-breaking and land-healing human, together with her partner Kirsten and their two kids, split their time between Violet Town and a Yurt at Pukawidgee, their regenerative farm in Warrenbaynee. Here they’re exploring and enacting a collaborative farm share model that has ecological restoration at its heart.

Serenity is a co-founder of Open Food Network, and a Director of both Open Food Foundation and Open Food Network Australia. Her work with OFN focuses on sector and enterprise development; advocacy, research and project development and implementation to expand regenerative agriculture in Australia and the values-based supply networks that undergird it.

Her breadth of food system knowledge, connection and experience is integral to shaping and guiding the work of the Sustainable Table Fund – gee whiz we’re lucky to have her.


Strategic Advisor

Joshua is a Worimi man, farmer and academic, who shares the narration of Indigenous identity through agricultural truths in light of modern contexts.

Josh’s work seeks to connect traditional Aboriginal knowledge and history to current contexts, translating past wisdom and learning to future opportunities. His work combines the old and the new, weaving them together to develop new insights and findings.

He is undertaking higher degree research at Charles Sturt University, is the Indigenous Co-Chair of Reconciliation NSW and was recently recognised within the world’s top 50 young gastronomers.

He is an entrepreneur and business advisor, working predominantly in the Aboriginal cultural, agricultural and environmental spheres. He has worked with numerous of not for profits, businesses and the government to develop change and bring people on a journey of change.


Strategic Advisor

Carolyn is an ambitious, driven, collaborative, community based, action orientated rural woman from North East Victoria. Having grown up on her family’s farm in South Gippsland, she has travelled extensively and explored meaningful ways to enact long term and powerful change. Now as a mother of 3 passionate young adults while managing an organic farm and building ORICoop, there is much to do in this world of disproportion across food, people and agriculture. Amongst her ambitions and hats is building farmer owned solutions, that include Australia’s first Ecological Credit and ORICoop, an Organic Producers Cooperative designed to enable a better share back to the producers, where it belongs. Connecting producers across commodities, States, production systems and supply chains.

She is excited to be in a room of ambitious doers and thinkers. Together there is much to be done!


Strategic Advisor

Over the past 20 odd years Robert has been challenging and transforming the food and agricultural system in Australia. As a former organic dairy farmer and market gardener he has become known as a practical and hands on social entrepreneur working at the systems end of changing the way business can pivot away from the malaise the current food system works.

In 2004 he founded Food Connect, a dynamic multi-farmer food distribution enterprise with an innovative community-based distribution system. In 2009, the Food Connect Foundation was launched to increase the scope of the fair food movement internationally and across Australia.

Robert is a member of the national board of Australian Social Enterprise Advisory Group, co-founder of the Australian Food Sovereignty Alliance, and a founding member on the Board of The global software organisation Open Food Network. He is a contributing author to Fair Food, published by University of Queensland Press.

In 2018, he co-founded the Food Connect Shed to raise over $2million with the Food Connect community to buy the warehouse they’d been renting for over 12 years, through an equity crowdfunding campaign.

Rob is a well known speaker in the Fair Food movement. He loves his blended family of four children, and his favourite foods are beer, butter and good bread.


Strategic Advisor

Born into agriculture in the Upper Hunter Valley, NSW and having worked and travelled much of Australia and the globe, Justin now calls Western Australia home with his wife and teenage daughter. Justin brings decades of experience to focus on the necessary changes to our food and land use systems by managing the interface between Conservation, First Nations, and commercial agriculture. He co-founded and established RegenWA to provide support for practitioners of, and those interested in, regenerative agriculture, and has close ties with the farming community so he can effectively communicate their needs to different stakeholders.

Justin works with multiple NFPs, family offices, corporations and conservation organisations tackling wicked problems with blue ocean thinking and seeking solutions from well outside the box.Justin is one of Commonland’s West Australian partners (a Dutch-based global landscape restoration project enabler) to engage with the community and share the learnings and opportunities that regenerative agriculture offers. He is the Regenerative Ag advisor and Director of Impact Seed Partnerships (Impact Seed is WA’s peak capacity builder for impact investment and social enterprise development) working towards systems-change finance and entrepreneurship.

Completing his MBA in 2017, Justin sought to gain insight to the business world that he didn’t get exposure to from a life in agriculture. He observed there needs to be greater prosperity beyond the unsustainable perpetual growth mindset, and that many solutions lie in the unobserved or unrecognised spaces of community. His aim is to demonstrate that traditional owners already have the solutions to our structural and social problems and supports the Uluru Statement from the Heart and a First Nations voice to parliament.