About Sustainable Table.

Founded in 2009, Sustainable Table is an environmental not-for-profit that provides Australians with the tools and information to make ethical eating easy.

The way our food is grown, manufactured and distributed is causing serious damage to our environment, farmers, animals, communities and health. With between 30% and 60% of our personal eco-footprint embodied in the food that we buy, it has never been more important to educate ourselves and our children about where our food comes from.

At Sustainable Table, we are working to build an engaged community of people who want to learn about sustainable food production and how they can support a food system that restores and nurtures the natural systems it relies upon.

By designing challenging and creative events and campaigns; running Mt Martha Farmers’ Market; delivering Ripe for Change – a place-based collaborative funding model that supports food-system innovation; and sharing stories and educational content, Sustainable Table is empowering people to overcome today’s environmental challenges, one meal at a time.

The outcome of engaging with Sustainable Table might be that you eat a little less meat, that you take your own drink bottle and reusable cup wherever you go. It might be that you have a radical awakening and move to the country to start an organic farm. The thing is, all these actions are great and they all make a difference. We want to calculate that difference. We want to communication and celebrate it. And we want to start a group or dare I say a movement of people doing a little bit, which quickly adds up to a lot.

More often than not starting out by doing a little leads to doing a lot more than you ever dreamed you would before you began. That has certainly been the case for our team and we’re hoping that encouraging people to connect with Sustainable Table will plant the seed for people everywhere.

Together we can build a food system that is…

The Issues

Farmers, producers and everyone involved in the food chain are critical to our survival and the health of our country, yet they’re not receiving a fair price for putting food on our table. Let’s use our shopping dollar to vote for a fair go for farmers.

The Issues

The way we currently produce food is causing serious environmental damage. We’re using too much water, clearing too much land, applying too many chemicals, dumping too much edible food and transporting it vast distances. But there’s hope…

The Issues

With the rise in obesity and food-related illnesses we need to reshape a diet that’s good for our health. As a society, we either change what we eat or we absorb the incredible burden of inaction through our taxes and worse; illness and early deaths… which would you prefer?

The Issues

A high demand for cheap meat is forcing exploitation of animals in the name of efficiency. As it stands, over 500 million animals are housed in factory farms in Australia each year. Mindful meat consumption is the key to positive change.

Every dollar we spend is a vote for the type of food system we’d like to be a part of
– so spend mindfully friends.

Our Team.

Cassie Duncan

CEO + Co-founder

Discovering how intertwined our climate and environmental woes are with how we grow, transport, package, consume and waste food has been an absolute revelation – equal parts terrifying and empowering.

The belief that every dollar we spend is a vote for the type of food system and world we would like to be a part of, is what Sustainable Table was founded on and the inspiration Hayley and I had to start something that brought joy, humour and great tasting seasonal food to tackle some pretty big environmental challenges.

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Jade Miles

National Program Manager

With the bush in her bones and business in her head, Jade Miles is a poly-jobist to the core. She’s a local food advocate and educator, business builder, food co-op founder, author, podcaster and regenerative heritage fruit farmer. 

Together with her husband and three kids, Jade runs Black Barn Farm, a biodiverse orchard, nursery and workshop space in Northeast Victoria. She’s an active presence in the regenerative space, hosting school programs, permaculture and homesteading workshops while sitting on multiple boards – all in the name of reconnecting people to nature, food and a simpler existence. 

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Jodi Clarke

Program Manager (VIC)

Jodi Clarke is a connector, facilitator and sustainability consultant. When she’s not working across urban, peri-urban and regional communities to support healthy and regenerative local food systems, you’ll find her hiking in the Dandenongs with her Blue Heeler, Bingo, and daughter and husband in tow.

Jodi holds a Bachelor of Environmental Science (Honours) and more years’ experience within not-for-profit organisations, local and state government authorities, and academia than she cares to admit.

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Tegan McBride

Program Manager (QLD)

Tegan McBride is a marketing, behaviour change and community engagement professional who has turned her powers of persuasion to encouraging farmers to grow ecologically produced food and convince consumers of the benefits.

Tegan lives by the reef, kayaks with dolphins before breakfast, and always has the best Zoom meeting background.

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Jess Eddy

Team Coordinator

Jess Eddy is a degree-qualified nutritionist and passionate foodie who has spent much of the past decade working in Melbourne’s health and food industries.

A former Sustainable Table volunteer, Jess has stepped into the Team Coordinator role for the growing team, providing support for the day-to-day running of the organisation and fund.

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Catie Payne

Digital Comms

Catie Payne comes from a long line of eaters. Her mum goes wild for slow cooked osso bucco, her dad digs milo and ice cream, and her 93-year-old gran maintains that pickled beetroot will make you immortal. 

As long as she can remember, food and happiness have gone hand in hand. But it wasn’t until studying naturopathy and nutrition that Catie made the connection between food and health, food and fairness, food and planet, food and future. 

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Our Board.

Hayley Morris

Co-founder + Board Member

Cassie and I became friends at our high school 8-week camp that was situated on a farm in Mallacoota. It is serendipitous that 13-years later we would start an organisation together that brings awareness to how we can look after the environment through food and agriculture, and even more amazing that we are still friends and colleagues today (I won’t say how many years have now passed)!

I studied International Business at university and entered the corporate world working under my father. In my mid-twenties I had a life-changing holiday to South Africa that shifted my perspective on my life and the environmental impact associated with everyday living.

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Clare Burder

Board Member

Born and raised on a farm in the beautiful King Valley, my interest in wine started in my late teens when my parents planted our vineyard. After I finished my degree in wine marketing & sensory studies, I spent ten years in the city as a wine educator, writer and speaker, which culminated in a publishing deal for my guide to drinking well called ‘Tipsy’.

In 2018, I moved back to the farm and built a small winery and took over our vineyard, alongside my partner who is a viticulturist (handy!). Running Eminence Wines has been the realisation of a lifelong dream.

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Philippa Hodson

Board Member

Philippa Hodson is a motivated and passionate foodie, mother and global citizen. She learned about Sustainable Table after buyinour first cookbook way back when (which still commands pride of place on her shelfOnya Pip) and has since become indispensable to our organisation. 

Pip’s professional experience spans corporate remediation solutions, organic food manufacturing, fine dining, impact investing and grant making. She’s Executive Director and Chairman of the Board for The Garry White Foundation; was involved in our 2018 Victorian Community Grants program as a funder; and we’re thrilled that her skills and talents are now formally embedded within ST as a member of the Board. 

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Our Advisors.

Tanya Massy

Strategic Advisor

Tanya Massy is a writer and lifelong apprentice of farming who has worked across urban, rural and remote communities to reconnect people, food and country. (And before you ask, yep, Tanya is Charles Massy’s daughter. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree in regen ag.) Her academic background spans Community Development and Indigenous Studies, with a Masters in Agricultural Science.  

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Serenity Hill

Strategic Advisor

When she’s not championing food system resilience and connection through her life’s work, the Open Food Network, Serenity splits her time between Violet Town and a Yurt at Pukawidgee, a regenerative farm in Warrenbaynee. Together with her partner Kirsten and their two kids, they’re exploring and enacting a collaborative farm share model that has ecological restoration at its heart.  

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