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Way back in 2009, before ‘zero waste’ was a hashtag and ‘ethical eating’ had entered the household vernacular, we founded Sustainable Table 

As an environmental not-for-profit, our aspiration was to help people make the connection between the food on their plates and the state of our planet. We rolled out campaigns like Give A Fork, resources like the Good Milk Directory and Ethical Shopping Pyramid, community events like the Mt Martha Farmers’ Market, and even an award-winning cookbook; all intended to engage, educate and entertain eaters… while casually changing the world. 

In 2020, our world sent a pretty clear message: Hey! Lift your game! I’m struggling over here! With a backdrop of catastrophic bushfires, climate change predictions and a global pandemic, the positive changes we’d been chipping away at for the last 12 years took on a whole new sense of urgency.  

Our community grants program (then known as Ripe For Change) was going from strength to strength in Victoria, offering support and funding for grassroots initiatives like veggie box programs, First Nations cook ups, training for young farmers, community market gardens, seed banks, and farms transitioning from conventional to regenerative agriculture. 

Though seemingly “small”, these projects represented something important: an alternative to the industrialised paradigm so implicated in our intersecting national and global crises. The seeds of a regenerative food system. And we decided to water them.  

To keep things simple, we renamed Ripe For Change to The Sustainable Table Fund and stepped into a redefined role as a connector between important work that needs to take place, and those who wish to invest in it. 

When we launched the Fund to the philanthropic community in April this year, we successfully raised over 1.4 million dollars (and counting!) to fund our core delivery team and local food initiatives that are, step-by-step, day-by-day, plate-by-plate, taking us all in the right direction. 

If you’d like to learn more about our approach, framework, principles and impacts skip on over to our Fund page.  

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Every dollar we spend is a vote for the type of food system we’d like to be a part of
– so spend mindfully friends.

Our Team.

Jade Miles

National Program Manager

With the bush in her bones and business in her head, Jade Miles is a poly-jobist to the core. She’s a local food advocate and educator, business builder, food co-op founder, author, podcaster and regenerative heritage fruit farmer. 

Together with her husband and three kids, Jade runs Black Barn Farm, a biodiverse orchard, nursery and workshop space in Northeast Victoria. She’s an active presence in the regenerative space, hosting school programs, permaculture and homesteading workshops while sitting on multiple boards – all in the name of reconnecting people to nature, food and a simpler existence. 

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Hanna Guy

Operations Manager

Hanna Guy is a curious, creative and passionate advocate for systems that are kinder to our land and the people it holds. With experience in community development and social business across rural Australia, The US, and then building a sustainable fashion company in Cambodia, Hanna isn’t shy to the complexities of our current environmental and climate emergency.

Hanna’s green thumb and love of food result from growing up in a backyard to table family. She is driven to play her part in growing more regenerative food systems and a greater connection to the positive impact our food choices can make.

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Jess Eddy

Team Coordinator

Jess Eddy is a degree-qualified nutritionist and passionate foodie who has spent much of the past decade working in Melbourne’s health and food industries. A former Sustainable Table volunteer, Jess has stepped into the Team Coordinator role for the growing team, providing support for the day-to-day running of the organisation and fund.

Jess gets excited by food’s potential to create change, and the positive impact food can have on individuals, the community, and the environment. When she’s not at ST or running her little side biz, Jess loves to spend her time visiting one of Melbourne’s many cafes, restaurants and bars or her local farmers’ market.

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Jodi Clarke

Program Manager (VIC)

Jodi Clarke is a connector, facilitator and sustainability consultant. When she’s not working across urban, peri-urban and regional communities to support healthy and regenerative local food systems, you’ll find her hiking in the Dandenongs with her Blue Heeler, Bingo, and daughter and husband in tow.

Jodi holds a Bachelor of Environmental Science (Honours) and more years’ experience within not-for-profit organisations, local and state government authorities, and academia than she cares to admit.

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Catie Payne

Digital Comms

Catie Payne comes from a long line of eaters. Her mum goes wild for slow cooked osso bucco, her dad digs milo and ice cream, and her 93-year-old gran maintains that pickled beetroot will make you immortal. 

As long as she can remember, food and happiness have gone hand in hand. But it wasn’t until studying naturopathy and nutrition that Catie made the connection between food and health, food and fairness, food and planet, food and future. 

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Our Board.

Hayley Morris

Co-founder + Board Member

Cassie and I became friends at our high school 8-week camp that was situated on a farm in Mallacoota. It is serendipitous that 13-years later we would start an organisation together that brings awareness to how we can look after the environment through food and agriculture, and even more amazing that we are still friends and colleagues today (I won’t say how many years have now passed)!

I studied International Business at university and entered the corporate world working under my father. In my mid-twenties I had a life-changing holiday to South Africa that shifted my perspective on my life and the environmental impact associated with everyday living.

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Philippa Hodson

Board Member

Philippa Hodson is a motivated and passionate foodie, mother and global citizen. She learned about Sustainable Table after buyinour first cookbook way back when (which still commands pride of place on her shelfOnya Pip) and has since become indispensable to our organisation. 

Pip’s professional experience spans corporate remediation solutions, organic food manufacturing, fine dining, impact investing and grant making. She’s Executive Director and Chairman of the Board for The Garry White Foundation; was involved in our 2018 Victorian Community Grants program as a funder; and we’re thrilled that her skills and talents are now formally embedded within ST as a member of the Board. 

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Our Advisors.

Tanya Massy

Strategic Advisor

Tanya Massy is a writer and lifelong apprentice of farming who has worked across urban, rural and remote communities to reconnect people, food and country. (And before you ask, yep, Tanya is Charles Massy’s daughter. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree in regen ag.) Her academic background spans Community Development and Indigenous Studies, with a Masters in Agricultural Science.  

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Serenity Hill

Strategic Advisor

When she’s not championing food system resilience and connection through her life’s work, the Open Food Network, Serenity splits her time between Violet Town and a Yurt at Pukawidgee, a regenerative farm in Warrenbaynee. Together with her partner Kirsten and their two kids, they’re exploring and enacting a collaborative farm share model that has ecological restoration at its heart.  

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Our Founders.

Cassie Duncan

Cassie Duncan, Co-founder

Discovering how intertwined our climate and environmental woes are with how we grow, transport, package, consume and waste food has been an absolute revelation – equal parts terrifying and empowering.

The belief that every dollar we spend is a vote for the type of food system and world we would like to be a part of, is what Sustainable Table was founded on and the inspiration Hayley and I had to start something that brought joy, humour and great tasting seasonal food to tackle some pretty big environmental challenges.

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