About Sustainable Table.

Founded in 2009, Sustainable Table is an environmental not-for-profit that provides Australians with the tools and information to make ethical eating easy.

The way our food is grown, manufactured and distributed is causing serious damage to our environment, farmers, animals, communities and health. With between 30% and 60% of our personal eco-footprint embodied in the food that we buy, it has never been more important to educate ourselves and our children about where our food comes from.

At Sustainable Table, we are working to build an engaged community of people who want to learn about sustainable food production and how they can support a food system that restores and nurtures the natural systems it relies upon.

By designing challenging and creative events and campaigns; running Mt Martha Farmers’ Market; delivering Ripe for Change – a place-based collaborative funding model that supports food-system innovation; and sharing stories and educational content, Sustainable Table is empowering people to overcome today’s environmental challenges, one meal at a time.

The outcome of engaging with Sustainable Table might be that you eat a little less meat, that you take your own drink bottle and reusable cup wherever you go. It might be that you have a radical awakening and move to the country to start an organic farm. The thing is, all these actions are great and they all make a difference. We want to calculate that difference. We want to communication and celebrate it. And we want to start a group or dare I say a movement of people doing a little bit, which quickly adds up to a lot.

More often than not starting out by doing a little leads to doing a lot more than you ever dreamed you would before you began. That has certainly been the case for our team and we’re hoping that encouraging people to connect with Sustainable Table will plant the seed for people everywhere.

Together we can build a food system that is…

The Issues

Farmers, producers and everyone involved in the food chain are critical to our survival and the health of our country, yet they’re not receiving a fair price for putting food on our table. Let’s use our shopping dollar to vote for a fair go for farmers.

The Issues

The way we currently produce food is causing serious environmental damage. We’re using too much water, clearing too much land, applying too many chemicals, dumping too much edible food and transporting it vast distances. But there’s hope…

The Issues

With the rise in obesity and food-related illnesses we need to reshape a diet that’s good for our health. As a society, we either change what we eat or we absorb the incredible burden of inaction through our taxes and worse; illness and early deaths… which would you prefer?

The Issues

A high demand for cheap meat is forcing exploitation of animals in the name of efficiency. As it stands, over 500 million animals are housed in factory farms in Australia each year. Mindful meat consumption is the key to positive change.

Every dollar we spend is a vote for the type of food system we’d like to be a part of
– so spend mindfully friends.

Our People.

Sustainable Table only exists thanks to the passion of our staff and volunteers. Currently Cassie Duncan is the only paid employee and she is supported by two other incredible women who make up our Board, Hayley Morris and Clare Burder.

Cassie Duncan

Co-founder + General Manager

As someone who wasn’t born into a particularly eco family, my journey to this point has been a relatively slow one. One that has been just as much about personal discovery as it has been about advocating for a planet that supports sustainable food systems and the kinder treatment of animals.

Learning about our food system has been an absolute revelation, equal parts terrifying and distressing and equal parts liberating and empowering.

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Hayley Morris

Co-founder + Board Member

The prominent memories of my childhood are weekends on our family farm in rural Victoria making cubbies in the hay shed, watching my uncle shear sheep, eating mulberries off the tree, getting dirt stuck under my nails, swimming in mud baths in the dam and ending the day with a sore back from harvesting potatoes. The ‘farm girl’ in me was buried deep during my teenage years as I tried to be cool, but it resurfaced in early adulthood when I realised the key to making a difference in the world was to embrace my love of being active and outdoors.

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Clare Burder

Board Member

Having worked around wine in some way or another since I was 15, I discovered as time went by that the 10pm ‘’I’m-at-the-bottleshop-can-you-tell-me-what-to-buy’’ phone calls from good friends were on the increase. It was time to address the issue head on and start a wine education business, The Humble Tumbler. My courses are designed to inspire an appreciation of wine without getting too serious about it. I’ve also more recently started a business called Vintuition, which specialises in innovative workshops for cellar door staff.

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