Lovely Luscious Leatherjacket
Standard names: Leatherjacket, Reef leatherjacket, Ocean jacket

Leatherjackets are a delicious and sustainable seafood option, rated as a good choice on the AMCS seafood app and rated highly by GoodFishBadFish. Leatherjackets have firm white flesh that stays nice and moist. The meat holds its shape when diced and used in curries or soups. Whole fish or fillets can be steamed, poached or pan-fried.

Why we love them:
Despite being a delicious and meaty fish, Leatherjackets are not very popular and so unfortunately there is major discard of this species at sea. We need to create a better market for this delicious fish, so let’s embrace it!

How to prepare them:
Leatherjackets are usually sold with their heads, tough outer skins and guts already removed, so there is no prep required!

Recipe by Oliver Edwards, GoodFishBadFish Founder and Chef. Visit GoodFishBadFish for more information on sustainable seafood and more delish recipes.

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