It is difficult to clarify one universal meaning of sustainable living. Overall it is a lifestyle choice and by default it is based on a personal perspective. Sustainable living is a personal journey of discovery and ultimately defined by living a life according to individual moral and ethical beliefs.

The concepts presented below are by no means new or invented by me, they are just three simple reminders of what we can do from a consumable perspective to support the quest for living a sustainable life.


Make an ethical decision where possible to always consume items which are already in circulation. Re-consuming is not about recycling, it is concerned with being a conscious consumer. It requires constantly asking yourself when you ‘need’ something new is it possible the item is already in circulation and can be re-consumed from a second-hand shop/market. Be prepared to invest time in re-consuming.

Sustainable gift giving

Adopt a sustainable gift giving approach. This may include making gifts like potting a plant from the garden in a recycled pot/container, investing in emerging artist who are still affordable and/or re-consuming items. For instance, I have recently found a doll maker from Tasmania (Grace Garton), on average her dolls sell for $60 and I have found it very rewarding supporting Grace while at the same time giving a gift that is unique and a one off.

Check out her store on Etsy

Bring a sustainable outfit to the table – support Australian made

When you are not buying your clothes from a vintage or second-hand store, try to source Australian made products wherever possible.

Not only will this provide you with a sense of pride but it supports our country to be sustainable. When it comes to buying new clothes this can be extremely challenging and at times may require a higher investment, but it’s worth it.

Image: From the collection at BODY. All BODY collections are 100% designed and made in Australia using sustainable production techniques.