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Sustainable Table is thrilled to partner with the Food Connect Foundation to support the replication of their Food Hub model across Australia. Your tax-deductible donation will support us to collectively replicate a place-based and community-owned local food system for future generations. Thank you.

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Food Connect Shed – Replication Readiness


Founded in 2009, the Food Connect Foundation is building on the pioneering achievements of their award-winning social enterprise, Food Connect Brisbane.

Food Connect Foundation’s vision is to create a world where everyone has access to healthy, fresh, ecologically-grown food that is fair to growers, eaters, and the planet. The team want to transform the food system – and believe the next step towards this vision is to create working local food hubs for the regional food economy, that are owned by the community.

We exist to create fair and prosperous regional and urban food economies because we believe that changing the way we source and distribute food is fundamental to solving the world’s most pressing social and ecological problems.

Food Connect Shed
why we need to replicate it all over Australia!

In late 2018, the Food Connect Foundation entered a brave new world of equity crowdfunding and miraculously raised over $2million to purchase and retrofit the Food Connect Shed, which is now home to a thriving food hub and many food social enterprises. The success of this campaign, and indeed model, was in many ways thanks to the vision and talent of the founders, Robert Pekin and Emma-Kate Rose, who have incredible capacity to support community engagement and shared ownership.

The very fact that over $2millon was raised is testament to the strength of the community’s belief in a model that values human capital, animals and a style of farming that regenerates our landscape.

Robert and Emma-Kate

With this vast breadth of knowledge and skills, Robert Pekin and the team are now seeking to replicate this model amongst communities who are looking for an alternative food system model that leads to a fair price for farmers and eaters, a healthier environment and a more localised and resilient food sector in Australia.

If the COVID-19 pandemic has taught us anything, it’s that community, locale and access to safe, affordable and healthy food is integral to building strong communities and a food system that supports its eaters and growers, rather than undermines them.

The Food Connect Shed replication model will specifically service the growing need of small-to-medium sized farmers producing too large volumes for direct markets but exposed to vagaries of central markets. This group of farmers will be able to further develop the use of regenerative farming practices that improve soil and water conservation, thereby creating deeper impact in regional and rural areas.

A partnership with Sustainable Table

Sustainable Table has been a long-time follower and admirer of what Food Connect does, particularly the mind-blowingly innovative step to invite the community to collectively own the Food Connect Shed – and they succeeded! We passionately believe that we need people to push the envelope, to constantly challenge and evolve what we are doing when it comes to growing, sourcing, distributing and eating food. Food Connect, under the leadership of Robert Pekin and Emma-Kate Rose, have been trailblazers where this is concerned, so when we were approached to support their next move, we were humbled and excited. Sustainable Table will provide administrative, communications and general partnership support in the hope that we can play a small part in realising a food system that values all those within it.

Re-imagining our future through food may be our best and only hope!

Donations welcome and much-appreciated x 

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