Eight principles underpin our work, from funded projects and investor partnerships to the way we move as a team and live as people.


We’re enabling the people and activities that will lead to the transformation of our food systems.


Whether it’s sequestering carbon, increasing soil biology or replenishing human potential, regeneration is at the core of what we do.


We look to waterways, soil types, mountain ranges, local cultures and knowledge systems for an enhanced understanding of people and place.

A Systems Lens

Our planet is a living and interconnected system, made up of complex relationships. We always account for the bigger picture.


We work hard to unpack and challenge colonial structures in ourselves and our processes, while pursuing active ally ship and supporting Indigenous sovereignty and self-determination..


True wealth lies in relationships; the ways we connect, care for each other and collaborate. Our Fund is as much about rich and enduring relationships as it is about financial investment.

Open Source

Our learning is to be shared, far and wide, and available to everyone in order to inspire and inform.

Catalytic Capital

The capital we are deploying is rare, precious and urgently needed so our use of it is strategic, directed towards initiatives that catalyse systems change.