Our Story.

The time has come for meaningful and transformational food systems change.
Sustainable Table is making it happen.

As an environmental not-for-profit, our aspiration was to help people make the connection between the food on their plates and the state of our planet. But in 2020, the world sent a pretty clear message: Hey! Lift your game! I’m struggling over here! With a backdrop of catastrophic bushfires, climate change predictions and a global pandemic, the positive changes we’d been chipping away at for the last 12 years took on a whole new sense of urgency.  

At the same time, our community grants program (then known as Ripe For Change) was going from strength to strength in Victoria, offering support and funding for grassroots initiatives like: 

  • Veggie box programs
  • First Nations cook ups
  • Training for young farmers
  • Community market gardens
  • Seed banks
  • Farms transitioning from conventional to regenerative agriculture

Though seemingly small, these projects represented something important: a powerful alternative to the highly destructive industrial agricultural system. They were seeds of change. In 2021, we decided to transition our organisation to focus on watering these seeds and became a fund, enabling and nourishing the transformation of our food systems.

When we launched the fund to the philanthropic community in April 2021, we successfully raised over $1.4 million (and counting!) to fund our core delivery team and local food initiatives that are, step-by-step, day-by-day, plate-by-plate, taking us all in the right direction.

Regenerating our food systems for people and planet.