This online world is a weird and wonderful space – where strangers, supporters, colleagues and friends become one big melting pot of familiarity, shared values and experience. Whilst many of you I don’t know personally, just as many are those I have met and formed relationships with through my work at Sustainable Table over the past twelve years.

After co-founding and creating this organisation (and loving every blooming hard and joyful minute of it), I find it impossibly hard to let you know that as of today, I will be finishing up at Sustainable Table.

Some members of the Board felt that Sustainable Table needed to take a new direction with new leadership; and whilst I was invited to remain on the Board, it became clear that we have a different philosophy and approach.

Although I can’t imagine anything tougher or more surreal, today I step aside with my head held high, for I am deeply proud of all that has been achieved and created over the past 12 years. From cookbooks, to campaigns, workshops, foodie events, online education and community grants programs – it’s actually pretty exceptional!

Until this point, I had never imagined my life without Sustainable Table in it. It was, and always has been, an extension of who I am. My whole family is resigned to the fact that a farmers’ market shop will ALWAYS take at least two hours. My friends with utes or spare storage in their garages have probably been tempted to block my calls from time-to-time. People are accustomed to most conversations inevitably turning to food. Glorious food.

I wish nothing but the best for Sustainable Table and its future direction and endeavours. I will never stop believing that food – the way we grow, harvest, transport, package and connect with it – has the deep capacity to nurture and heal our land, waterways, and relationships.

However, beyond the accolades and tangible achievements, it’s the intangible I will treasure most. The bag of tomatoes stuffed into my shopping trolley by an insistent first-gen farmer who believes in the power of barter or showing love through food. The producers, chefs and community groups who took a leap of faith on us when we had the crazy idea for a book, The Sustainable Table, which ended up morphing into a fully-fledged charity.

It is you. The people. The pulse. Those on the ground, with gritty nails and endless get-up-and-go, to find ways to live more kindly, with more intent, with food at the heart of regeneration. It is you I thank. It is you who got me out of bed every day. And it is you I hope to remain connected with beyond any work titles or positions.

Who knows what tomorrow may bring, but for now you will likely find me loitering too long at the school gate, catching up on countless conversations I’ve missed. Volunteering for tuck-shop duty whilst casually suggesting a few zero-waste ideas. Or maybe you’ll find me doing coffee with some of the locals at Uncle Drew café.

I’ve always known what is next. Today I do not. May the next chapter begin when I’m ready to turn the page.

Cassie x