OrphFund – Uganda.

OrphFund, Acquisition of farm land to feed an orphanage in Uganda


In 2010 OrphFund, a volunteer-based organisation, opened the Children’s Village in Kasese, western Uganda, providing residential care for 60 of the regions’ most vulnerable orphans and street children. The children were previously living in extreme circumstances, where each day was a battle to survive in an area deeply affected by poverty. These children are now welcomed into OrphFund’s centre where they have somewhere to call home, receive 3 meals per day, medical care, and schooling.

We are providing much needed funds to allow OrphFund to acquire fertile farm land (5 hectares in a nearby town) which will act as a food bowl for the children of the Village. The aim is to grow more than enough food to feed the children, thereby making the Children’s Village self-sustaining and less dependent on donations.

The land is currently growing oranges, mangoes, tomatoes, cabbages, yams and maize and is suitable for growing bananas, sweet potatoes, ground nuts, beans, dodo, spinach, eggplants, peas, sugar cane and plenty of other vegetables. Excess vegetables would be sold and funds from this used to purchase supplementary rice.


Sustainable Farming Practices

No use of imported products or artificial fertilisers. OrphFund will use organic fertilisers and rotate livestock throughout the various crops to promote land fertility.

Livestock and animals

The farm will keep cows, pigs or goats on one section of land, as well as chickens to provide the children with fresh eggs. The livestock will also help provide natural fertilisers for use on the farm.

Composting Toilets

Sustainable Table is coordinating our project partners Ecofinder Kenya to install compost toilets at the orphanage and primary school in Karasundara. The school teaches over 300 children, so these compost toilets will provide valuable organic fertiliser for use on the farm. To read more about the benefits of compost toilets click here.


Better health

Growing their own crops means OrphFund will be able to supply the children with a good variety of healthy foods, something they find hard to do when dependant on market availability and low prices. A healthy diet will support the health of the children.

Transport cost reduction

By growing their own food, OrphFund would no longer be required to spend time and money sending care workers to various markets in order to purchase food items. Food grown at the farm would be transported to the Village in bulk, thereby significantly reducing the transport costs associated with sourcing food.

Job Creation

The project will create various jobs within the village, helping to give back to the community.

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