Michael & John Attard

Mackay Whitsunday Isaac Region, Queensland


Michael and John Attard are second generation cane farmers whose family has owned and farmed the land for over 60 years. After seeing farmers’ health deteriorating and spending all of their earnings on pesticides and synthetic fertilisers, the pair decided to make a change. Over the last 8 years, Michael and John have studied natural systems and applied their learnings to regenerate the soil on their farm. They’ve proven that by reducing input costs and managing the land in this way, regenerative cane farming can be profitable. Learn more about how they have achieved this in the video below.

Cane farmers, Michael & John Attard, are regenerating soil using natural systems


Cane farming brothers regenerate soil using natural systems

Learn more about the journey the Attard brothers took from conventional farming, using chemical fertilisers and pesticides, to utilising natural systems to regenerate soil health.