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This is the section of the website where we let you into the little compartment of our brain that holds our fantasies for the future. It’s what we would do if we found that pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, or maybe it’s a little project or vision that’s already in the pipeline but just needs a bit more finessing and finance. Enjoy living the dream with us.

Waste Free Coffee Caravan

We’re quietly working away at a dream project of starting Australia’s first waste free coffee caravan to inspire Australians to consider the simple things we can all do to limit the amount of waste we create.

Some of the mechanics, food safety and licensing needs to be sorted, but once we have those worked out we plan to seek philanthropic and crowd funding support to get this very exciting project off the ground.

Let us paint you a little picture…

The caravan will be set up in a popular commuter spot like a train station and will provide a decent incentive for people to bring their own cup, but never fear, if they don’t have one we will serve up their drink of choice in a pre-loved jar. Then on their way home or when passing by the next morning they can drop ‘said jar’ back for a refund, or they can sip their coffee out the front and use the wash station to clean their own cup or jar after.

Milk will be delivered in vats, there’ll be no plastic spoons or cups in sight, and we may even expand to offer waste free snacks if all goes well.

Before too long the concept will be wholeheartedly embraced and waste free coffee vans and carts will pop up all over Australia at farmers’ markets, festivals, in streets and most importantly cafes right across the world will follow suit!

Why is a waste free coffee caravan so important to us?

Disposable cups are BAD.

You might be astounded to know that around 1 billion disposable cups are used in Australia each year.

It’s been estimated that coffee cups are the second biggest culprit of litter after plastic bottles.

Most single-use disposable coffee cups aren’t recyclable due to their plastic lining, which is required in order to prevent the contained liquid from leaking through the paper. The lids are recyclable, but not the cups. This means they end up in landfill where the plastic stays for a very very very long time, possibly forever.

Here’s a photo taken by one of our ambassadors Tim Silverwood, showing the plastic lining of a coffee cup he found discarded on the street.

Over a year, use of a reusable cup can reduce greenhouse gas emissions by up to 92% compared to using disposable cups.

Reusable cups are a very good idea and we believe the Waste Free Coffee Caravan will normalise the action of bringing your own cup and will lead to finding alternatives to all things single-use. Win, win!

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