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Meat eaters can reduce their impact on the environment without giving it up altogether – simply by making meat a treat and choosing wisely when you do.

This directory will help you to source free range and organic meat that has been farmed in an ethical manner using methods that nourish the animals and the environment. This is not a definitive list of producers and farmers’ markets – although this is the ideal way to shop, we believe that Flavour Crusader is doing a great job of listing producers so our directory focuses more on stockists such as butchers.

Although we take great care with who we list on this directory, there are times where butchers may also sell meat that has been intensively farmed indoors, particularly when it comes to chicken and pork. With over 500 million animals housed in factory farms in Australia each year alone, this is the predominant form of farming, so always ask questions.

Here are some questions you should ask when ordering meat at a restaurant or butcher.
  1. Is the meat free range or organic?
  2. If yes, what farm did it come from? (there have been countless times where we have been told “yes love, everything here is free range”, but upon asking what farm they came from it has turned out that the animals are not free range at all, for example pigs may have been bred free range which is not the same as free range.
  3. Is it grass or grain fed? We believe grass fed is preferable.
  4. If you’re at farmers’ market – At what age are the animals slaughtered? How far do they have to travel? 

Note: If buying rabbit look for wild not farmed

We’ve tried our best to make this an accurate list of ethical meat suppliers. However, we cannot guarantee that all meats sold upholds the ethical standards you want to see, so always ask your supplier for more details. If you are a retailer or a consumer who wishes to add to the list or have any questions, please contact us at info@sustainabletable.org.au.

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