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    Porky Pies: Top tips for tackling confusing pork labelling when choosing your Christmas Ham

    December 05,2016

    Posted by Maria H | Comments (1)

    Sourcing truly free range or organic pork products can be a tad challenging, but we reckon it’s worth the effort, especially when learning that pigs are one of the most poorly treated animals here in Australia, with over 90% of pork products coming from factory farms where pregnant sows are often confined in sow stalls they cannot even turn around in. When did you last spot a pig roaming in a paddock when driving through the countryside?
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    Gobble gobble your turkey wisely this Christmas

    December 04,2016

    Posted by Maria H | Comments (1)


    Turkey isn’t a regular menu item for many Australians until the festive season hits, so surely they’re raised outdoors in fields just like the Christmas advertisements suggest? Unfortunately not.

    The turkey industry has taken a leaf out of intensive poultry farming’s book by cramming birds in sheds and breeding them to grow at unnaturally fast rates.

    If you haven’t yet ordered your Christmas turkey, then now’s a good time to consider your options - here we’ve put together a handy guide to help you on your merry way!

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    A note on nature, grief and finding purpose

    November 23,2016

    Posted by Maria H | Comments (9)

    A couple of weeks ago I was invited by the School of Life to discuss the topic of drawing Wisdom from Nature, with none other than THE Jamie Durie. It was a massive honour and a thrill. The event coincided with the night Mr Trump was elected as President, so the mood was a tad reflective as we all sought to make sense of our world. In the days since this event I have given much thought to what marks an influential moment in one’s life. Why do some situations and experiences stay with us for a lifetime whilst others are forgotten in a moment? How can three children grow up in the same family yet each pursue completely different life paths and careers? These are big, life-altering questions that may be tied up more in our DNA than any one life experience, however, I did find myself needing to dig a little deeper into why I think I care. Here goes...
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    10 Ways to be Mindful and Merry this Christmas

    November 15,2016

    Posted by Maria H | Comments (0)

    There's just 3 Saturdays to go until Christmas, can you believe it! During this chaotic time it’s easy to put your values aside and get caught up in the over-consumption craze that is the festive season. Over the coming weeks we’ll be posting handy tips to help you be more mindful when it comes to planning a festive celebration that is special, memorable and better for the planet.
    Here we start with 10 handy tips to get your creativity flowing.
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