Funded Projects

Sustainable Table supports projects, both locally and abroad, that help to build a fair and more environmentally-sound food system for all. 
Our projects are supported by funding we source from government and non-government bodies, philanthropic organisations and individual donations from the community. We also direct income from our cookbook sales to our local and international projects. In fact, profits from cookbook sales have enabled us to support our Compost Toilet Project in Kenya and the Local Harvest Project in Australia. 
Our Local Projects
Our local projects aim to:
•    engage people in learning about sustainable food production and how they can help to shape a fair and sustainable food system for all
•    reconnect people with where their food comes from, and encourage them to use their consumer dollar to influence change
•    encourage food outlets to stock with local, seasonal and ethically-farmed produce
•    benefit the environment by encouraging food purchasing patterns that reduce our personal eco-footprint
•    support local food producers who are doing the right thing by the environment.
Our International Projects – Developing Communities
Our international projects work with developing communities to restore the natural environment to ensure the safe and ongoing provision of food.
In developing countries, extreme poverty often leaves people struggling to meet their basic needs. Much of their day is often dedicated to collecting food, water and firewood just to keep their families alive. Yet, despite all of this, there are still people wanting to dedicate themselves to preserving the natural environment and educating community members about the need to care for the earth. At Sustainable Table, we seek these people out and work with them to turn their ambition into positive outcomes for their community and the environment.
See summaries below or use the navigation pane on your right to learn more about our current projects in Australia and abroad, and please consider donating or fundraising to support our work and the work of our partners.
Local Projects
Our Books - Seasonal Regional and The Sustainable Table
Our books form part of our educational and awareness raising activities. They're books that appeal to a wide range of people, from food lovers with no clue about the impact their plate has on the planet right through to the most diligent environmentalists. Find out more.
Local Harvest
Local Harvest is a national initiative aiming to help people find local sources of food and grow their own. Local Harvest is a website resource featuring a national directory of farmers’ markets, co-ops, food box systems and more. Simply enter your post code to locate good food near you. Find out more. 
We run a series of events throughout the year that engage the community in issues surrounding food and sustainability in a creative, relaxed and fun way. We aim to bring to life many of the themes explored within our books and website. Find out more.
Research & Resources
We are building a comprehensive and accurate knowledge-base to keep you informed and up-to-date with the issues affecting our environment today. Visit our Hungry for Information pages and subscribe to our blog and seasonal e-newsletter, Table Talk, to receive quality information and practical tips to help you make real changes for the better.
International Projects
Giving Gardens

The Giving Gardens project increases the food security of communities in rural Kampot in southern Cambodia, where 50-75% of families are poor, by providing the lost skills and tools needed to grow their own nutritious food using sustainable growing methods. Giving Gardens reduces the communities’ reliance on imported food from Vietnam and Thailand and increases their food security. The project helps communities become self-sufficient, saves money and provides community members with a healthier and more diverse diet.  Read more.

Solar Cookers Project
In partnership with local Tibetan organisation the Pentok Institute, we distributed over 700 solar cookers to rural Tibetan communities in the Qinghai Province of China between 2009 and 2011. The solar cookers convert sunlight into heat to cook food or boil water for purification. They not only benefit the environment by providing a cleaner and greener means of cooking, they help women and children who are traditional gatherers of dung and other resources used for fuel. Read more.
Community Savings & Loans (Natural Resource Management)
In partnership with Tembea Youth Centre for Sustainable Development, an indigenous community-based development organisation based in Kenya, we are building the capacity of communities in the Ugenya district to reverse the environmental degradation caused by human activity along the river Nzoia by providing communities with alternative, more sustainable sources of income. Read more.
Compost Toilets
In partnership with Ecofinder Kenya, we are supporting the installation of ecological sanitation toilets (compost toilets) for communities in the Lake Victoria Basin, Kenya. The compost toilets provide valuable organic fertiliser that can be used to improve local, small-scale farming, as well as providing basic sanitation in a region where water borne diseases from lack of sanitation are rife. Read more.
OrphFund, Acquisition of farm land to feed an orphanage in Uganda
OrphFund is a volunteer-based organisation that runs a Children’s Village in Kasese, Western Uganda, only a few kilometres from the Democratic Republic of Congo. The Children’s Village provides residential care for 60 vulnerable orphans and street children. We are supporting OrphFund to acquire a farm in a nearby town where food can be grown to feed the Village’s children, making the Children’s Village self-sustaining and less dependent on donations. Read more.