Introducing the Sustainable Table Alliance for Restaurants (STAR)
At Sustainable Table, we are aware that even the most well-intentioned consumer can have their efforts to eat sustainably hampered when dining out. Often this is because there are limited options available, or a general lack of information. The hospitality industry is in a position to quickly and powerfully influence positive ethical and environmental change.

We are committed to facilitating this change by working with restaurants to develop a framework and rating scale that encourages a level of transparency between the restaurateur and consumer, whilst providing tools to the venue to improve their sustainability over time.
Together with our project partners Impact EMS and Net Balance Foundation, we will be launching our very own sustainable restaurant accreditation program, the Sustainable Table Alliance for Restaurants, or STAR.
STAR will be the key industry body providing sustainability assessments to hospitality venues. It will also provide a high profile program to promote and encourage sustainable consumption. 
STAR aims to:
•    Provide restaurants with resources and a framework to improve environmental performance over time (food purchasing, supply chain, food waste and recycling, building performance, communication methods, etc).
•    Be a think tank, working group and resource-sharing body that promotes sustainable practices.
•    Provide an avenue through which restaurants can be recognised for their effort (Green Hat Cafe and Restaurant Guide/iphone app or similar).
•    Educate and encourage consumers to dine at more ethical and environmentally conscious establishments.
•    Provide communication tools and support to better educate consumers on the positive actions restaurants are taking to reduce their impact.

We are currently in a consultation phase and are seeking funding to support this initiative. If you would like more information, are interested in providing financial assistance, or to enquire about participating in our consultation process, please contact Cassie Duncan on
03 8644 4050 or