Our events connect, share, teach and challenge. They engage people in issues surrounding food and sustainability in a creative, relaxed and fun way. Our events range from cooking demos and dinners through to panel discussions, and are for everyone in the community - people at all stages of their journey towards a more sustainable life. 
A few of our past events have included:
Are you Game? Melbourne Food & Wine Festival, March 2012 - A meat conversation
Do you love meat but know very little about where your regular Sunday night roast comes from? Does the thought of killing an animal yourself make you a little squeamish? Our Melbourne Food and Wine Festival event hosted at the Robert Burns Hotel in Collingwood on 8th March 2012 set to challenge guests with the reality of how meat ends up on their plate. Amongst all the wining and dining of the night, there was a serious message to be heard. We wanted to confront people with the reality of eating meat, as a way to spark some meaty conversation amongst guests. Learn more about the event here.
Forage, grow, harvest, share, November 2011 - An evening of food & ideas
In our first ever sustainable food event (photos above), former head chef of Circa (now of Pope Joan fame) Matt Wilkinson led an evening of local food celebration and whipped up a tantalising array of dishes from the selection of fresh seasonal produce on the harvest table - all brought to the table by the evening's guests. Co-hosted by Dumbo Feather, the evening promoted an ethos of local and ethical food. Read more about the event on our blog Table Talk.
State Library Panel, August 2011 - How can we support the environment through our food choices?
ABC 774’s Hilary Harper led an enlightening conversation about the challenges and rewards of creating a sustainable table. Her guests were all contributors to our book The Sustainable Table, including Costa Georgiadis (star of Costa’s Garden Odyssey SBS, Matt Fowles, hunter, conservationist and CEO of Plunkett Fowles Winery, and Graeme Base, acclaimed children's book author and illustrator. 
Film screening, July 2010 - Food, INC.
A screening of the film Food, INC., which received an Academy Award nomination for Best Documentary, set the seen for an informative and challenging look into the food industry in America and Australia. Food, INC. is a documentary that looks beyond the supermarket shelves to show you how food is prepared.  Although it is based in America, the Australian food industry is very similar, particularly in relation to factory farmed animals and large corporate farms replacing traditional family farms. Find out more about factory farming in Australia by visiting our Hungry for Information section today.
"Presenters speaking from the heart and sharing passion for sustainable living. They gave hope that we can all make a difference in varying ways." 
"I left the event with a renewed sense of hope for the future of humanity and the knowledge that there are all sorts of people out there who are doing their bit for sustainability and it's not the lost cause we are so often led to believe." 
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