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The Clever Cook eBook

Every year, Aussies waste over $8 billion worth of perfectly edible food and throw away enough packaging to fill the MCG 9 times over... Doing something about these issues isn't hard. In fact, it can save you money and improve your health. The Clever Cook shows you how.

*This is a digital ebook (PDF)*

Following on from our hugely popular Give a Fork! about Waste campaign, we've released a special re-worked edition of our Lose Waste ebook, now called The Clever Cook, thanks to the generous support of our friends at ecostore!

What’s inside?

This ebook is your complete handy guide to reducing waste, saving money and eating well.

It includes clever tips and tricks for buying, storing and preparing food, shopping guides and directories plus 60 recipes for all your favourite meals, showing you how to make the best use of each ingredient and how to creatively use up leftovers to ensure nothing is wasted!

This ebook is about helping you to tweak what you already do in the kitchen so that you shop smarter and make the best use of your weekly groceries.

This ebook is perfect if you:

  • are looking for an easy guide to creating a waste-free kitchen at home want to eat more sustainably and ethically
  • are sick of throwing leftovers or rotten food in the bin!
  • want to stop wasting your food budget
  • want to reduce the amount of plastic in your life
  • are looking for scrumptious ways to encourage your family to eat sustainably.

In this book you’ll find:

  • 60 simple and classic recipes, re-framed to ensure you make the most of each ingredient and any leftovers.
  • A low-down of the impact waste is having on our environment, health and communities.
  • Simple ways we can all cut out the garbage in our lives and make a positive difference.
  • What to do with your food scraps – hello carrot tops, egg shells and meat bones!
  • Shopping guides and directories to help you shop waste-free.
  • How to host a waste-free meal at home for your friends and family.

Currently available for just $12.50!

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We'd like to thank The Clever Cook sponsor ecostore for their generous support of our work and their commitment to reducing environmental impact.

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