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The Good Fish Book

Oliver Edwards - Founder of GoodFishBadFish

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What’s inside?

This ebook is your complete guide to finding, choosing and preparing sustainable seafood and includes 21 seafood and vegetarian recipes from well known chefs to tantalise your tastebuds.

This ebook is perfect if you are:

  • Looking for an easy-to-understand guide to choosing seafood that’s good for the environment, marine life, our fishermen and your health
  • Want to eat more sustainably and ethically
  • Are confused about seafood and sustainability want to eat sustainably and save money too!
  • Are sick of eating the same old seafood and want to explore and try something different and exciting Want to expand your repertoire of perfect vegetable dishes.

In this book you’ll find:

  • 22 delectable and sustainable seafood and veg recipes
  • Our 9 favourite sustainable seafood species with short video instructions for prepping them, including how to fillet fish, de-beard mussels, clean calamari and other such slimy tasks
  • A quick-reference Switch Your Fish guide, showing you how to substitute common and overfished species with their sustainable alternatives
  • Fast Fishy Facts – an easy-to-understand low-down of the issues
  • Links to handy online resources including a Sustainable Seafood Supplier directory and more.

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All funds help to support our sustainability work.

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