Hungry for information

We always try to present the benefits of creating a sustainable table in a fun and light-hearted way, however there is a serious side to what we do – informing you about the massive environmental and ethical issues that underpin our food system.

  • A system where 1 billion people go to bed hungry and 1 billion people are suffering from obesity
  • A system where we throw out up to half of what we grow
  • A system that has already destroyed 24% of global farmland, with a further 1% loss each year
  • A system that is sucking our fresh water sources dry
  • A system that sees 500 million animals housed in factory farms each year, in Australia alone
  • A system that has caused the near collapse of every major fishery in the world
  • A system powered by oil, which results in the well-off consumer gobbling up the equivalent of 66 barrels of oil each year
  • A system where our farmers are being pushed to the brink, there is an above average suicide rate and the average age of a farmer is now 60 years old.
In this section we present you with the issues, as well as equip you with the tools that allow you to change our food system from the bottom up.
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You can also find all of the Hungry for Info information in our book The Sustainable Table.
Simply by changing the way you shop you can help to overcome today's environmental issues, one meal at a time.