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Online Tools for Sustainable Eating and Living
We've collated the best of online resources and tools to help you find and eat food that’s better for you and better for the environment. Find tool sharing websites, gardening forums, seed saver sites, blogs and more. 
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Sustainable food near you

An Australia-wide directory that helps you find good food close to you. Simply enter your post code and see your options on a map. Includes shops, grocers, farm gates, markets and more. Website also includes loads of information on why eating locally is important.
An Australia-wide online directory helping you to find locally grown produce.
Find a market near you and browse through an online directory of useful resources, organisation and other food related websites.
Local Organics
Local Organics is a member-based social enterprise offering a local and organic food box delivery service. 
Ceres Environment Park is a non-profit educational organisation located on 4 hectares in East Brunswick. Ceres has a cafe, nursery, market and also runs the Ceres Fair Food delivery service.

Sustainable living & food growing websites

An online network to facilitate the formation and management of community gardens and urban agriculture. Plenty of info sheets to browse through on topics ranging from starting a garden to integrated pest management.
A national seed and information exchange forum. 
Online space for anyone growing food in the Brisbane community. Access forums, events calendars, photos and more.
A great range of fact sheets on what to grow when and how.
The sustainable organic gardening guide for self-sufficient people. Features handy gardening ideas from how to make home-made organic plant sprays to companion planting tips. 
A not-for-profit awareness raising project aiming to broaden understanding of the debt crisis and peak resources, and encourage action for the sake of personal preparedness, happiness and ethical living. Features lots of information about ethical living, including a comprehensive What You Can Do Guide
Join over 100,000 users who shop more ethically because of this guide. Over 10 years of research has gone into rating companies according to the ethics of their business activities. The guide is available online (free), in print and as a smart phone app.
A fantastic online resource featuring delicious meat-free recipes as well as information on food wastage and tips to avoiding food wastage in your home. 
Find out what to grow when. Register with this site and receive planting reminders in your inbox for free.
Grow It Local is about using the internet to get people off the internet and growing, sharing and eating delicious local food in their local communities. To register on the Grow It Local map, simple got to the website and tell them what you're growing on your patch. 
Landshare is for people who want to grow vegetables but don't have anywhere to do it, or have a spare bit of land they're prepared to share. Website includes a range of How-to Guides.
Find healthy, sustainable recipes and learn how to avoid food waste.
MyGarden is a place to share your gardening stories and anecdotes. Connect with other like minded gardeners and help to create a greener, brighter coloured world. 
A comprehensive online guide to how to live a greener life, from what you should eat to things you can do at work. Includes information on community initiatives, rebates, council programs and more. There’s even an online tool to create your own personal action plan.
My Home Harvest is about food gardeners getting connected, an online community of Australians keen on locally grown food to pass on gardeners tips, plan local food swaps, share recipes and more; all things food gardening! 
Join Permaculture’s Australia social network to connect with like-minded food gardeners, and read their blog for information and tips on permaculture.
A not-for-profit organisation that helps to encourage backyard food gardens. Website offers a range of fact sheets on gardening and food growing.
Provide a range of fact sheets on topics ranging from maintaining nutrient-rich soil to garden design. There’s also up to date information on what’s happening in community gardening.
The Sharehood is all about sharing resources and getting to know people in your local area. When you join, you see the 100 members who live closest to you, and the things and skills they want to lend and borrow. You can organise local events to get to know your neighbours, and if there's not many people in your area, there's a draft letter you can use to letterbox your area and get more people involved.

Sustainable Living & Eating Blogs

Join Lizzy as she shares a feast of recipes for all seasons, with a focus on market fresh produce.
Follow our very own Maria Hannaford as she explores ways to live a better life by living more sustainably. 
Sarah Wilson shares her best wellness tips and tricks for a better, sweeter (more sustainable) life. 
Learn how to quit sugar and eat a diet full of healthy, unrefined and wholesome food, for life. 
Follow the sustainability journey of Allie and Rich, two people in suburban NSW who are trying to live a more sustainable lifestyle. Their website features lots of useful info on home gardening, tips, ideas and photos.
Health Food Lover Michelle Robson-Garth shares her favourite healthy recipes and tips. 
Cindy and Michael share their collection of amazing vegetarian recipes.
Join Sophie Hansen as she shares recipes and resources for people who love farmers and eating locally.
Lesh Karan is a food coach with a conscience. Her website features plenty of real food recipes to get you eating mindfully and sustainably. See Lesh’s blog post on Table Talk on eating mindfully. 
Read Sam Proudley’s evolving collection of simple, real food recipes. Sam tries to live consciously and cook the same way. Using whole foods. Mostly plants. Learning from traditional wisdom. And trusting her intuition. Check out Sam’s blog post on Table Talk, when she shared one of her favourite recipes. 
Follow the story of a community garden from empty lot to first harvest and recreate the journey with our growing guide.  Over eight weeks, hear the stories and share the recipes of real people whose lives have been touched by the pleasures of community gardening. See episodes on SBS On Demand
Follow Rohan Anderson on his journey to live a self-sustaining lifestyle, eating food grown from his own land, foraged or hunted. Check out an interview with Rohan on Table Talk.

Sustainable Food Organisations

City Food Growers provides services and knowledge to support the transformation of our food system to be more local and organic. Browse through their informative fact sheets.
A brilliant website informing you about the ethical issues behind our meat production systems in Australia. Also offers a comprehensive Australia-wide online directory of ethical meat and poultry suppliers.
Cultivating Community works with diverse communities to create fair, secure and resilient food systems. Provide online resources and information on reducing food waste, growing your own, directory of books, people and more.
An innovative, energetic organisation rescuing food and fighting hunger. Since 2001 Fare Share have given away healthy, nutritious meals to the hungry and the homeless in Victoria, using food donated by businesses.
The EcoCentre is a not-for-profit, community-managed, environment group. The EcoCentre provides a base for a number of affiliate groups involved in a range of activities that promote biodiversity, environmental sustainability and community action. Their website features a range of resources on environment and gardening.
A community project that distributes excess produce to community groups in need.
A co-op of dairy farmers producing the finest quality milk using organic and ethical farming methods.

Is an organisation committed to making a positive difference to people by identifying sources of nutritious surplus fresh food and produce that would otherwise go to waste and facilitating its safe and timely distribution to agencies and people in need.
The Seed Savers' Network was established in 1986 to preserve local varieties of useful plants by a French-Australian couple Jude and Michel Fanton. It is funded by courses, supporter fees and the films and books they produce. These are available from their online shop. 
SLOW Food is an international not-for-profit organisation founded in 1986 to counteract fast food and fast life, the disappearance of local food traditions, people’s dwindling interest in the food they eat, where it comes from, how it tastes and how our food choices affect the rest of the world – people, communities, animals, plants and the environment. 
An organisation planting seeds for sustainable communities. Urban Reforestation is: creating sustainable everyday lifestyles in the urban places, enabling liveable sustainability in communities, inspiring new neighbourhoods to be green in fresh new ways and is a flourishing social enterprise making a real difference.

Sustainable living magazines

Good Organic Gardening
A magazine full of ideas on how to grow naturally, eat fresh and live sustainably.
A magazine devoted to natural health and living.