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Our resources are designed to help you make better choices when it comes to food and food shopping. They help you to use your shopping dollar as a vote for a better, more sustainable food system. Forward them to friends and family, take them to work, show them to your teachers at school. Check out our resources today:

A Meat Free Week - a FREE ebook featuring 21 vegie-full recipes and tips on how to eat meat sustainably

Download a free copy of our e-cookbook A Meat Free Week and learn how to incorporate more vegie-filled dishes into your diet as well as how to eat meat sustainably. Features 21 recipes - 7 breakfasts, 7 lunches and 7 dinners, from popular food bloggers and chefs. 

Download you free copy of A Meat Free Week HERE.

We Need to Talk About Food - A sustainable food information tool
Developed for the City of Melbourne, We Need to Talk About Food is a sustainable food tool that provides information about the food system in Australia as well as a range of useful resources to help people participate in a fair, sustainable food system.

Download We Need to Talk About Food HERE.
Seasonal Produce Pocket Guide#
Buying produce in season is important for many reasons. Out-of-season foods (like tomatoes in winter, for instance) have been grown in artificial conditions, or grown far away, picked prematurely and transported long distances to get to your local shops.
When we eat foods out of season, we miss out on eating food at it's prime - when it tastes best and has a higher nutritional value.
We also miss out on eating a varied diet - when you eat seasonally, you break out of the rut of buying the same fruit and vegetables all year round. You learn to get excited and celebrate every time a new food comes into season! Food in season is also cheaper as it is usually plentiful and fewer resources have gone into growing it.
Check out our free downloadable pocket Seasonal Produce Guide HERE.

Go Native - Our Native Plant & Recipe Guide

Growing and eating Australian native plants is an easy thing we can all do to help the environment as well as our health. Native plants are easy to grow and are perfectly suited to our dramatic climate. They attract native wildlife, bird life and insects and, as new research shows, are highly nutritious - our very own 'superfoods'. Download our free Go Native A3-sized card and see which plants you can easily grow at home. The card also features native recipes and a directory of a few native plant nurseries in Victoria, as well as some online bush spice stores so you can stock up your pantry.

Download Go Native HERE.
Read about why we should eat native foods here.
Read about why Australia has been slow to embrace native foods here.

Switch the Fish Guide

Together with Good Fish Bad Fish, we've developed a sustainable seafood guide that makes it really super duper easy to choose the more sustainable seafood species. Get your copy of our Switch the Fish Guide HERE.

Sustainable Seafood Pocket Guide

World-wide demand for seafood products has exploded in general, doubling over the last 30 years. This insatiable appetite for seafood has wreaked havoc on our oceans. Today, we are faced with the very real threat of all of the world’s major fisheries collapsing by 2048. Populations of some key seafood species have been reduced to only 10% of what they were in the 1950s. Thirteen of the world’s 17 major fishing zones have already been depleted or are in serious decline, and the remaining 4 are fully exploited.
Now more than ever is the time to use our consumer power and vote with our wallets for a better, more sustainable fishing industry. Ask questions of your fishmonger, shop for more sustainable fish species, and talk about this issue with others in your life. Get your copy of our pocket Sustainable Seafood Guide HERE.

Free Range Egg & Chicken Guide

The term ‘free range’ is an important one for people wishing to make more ethical meat and egg purchasing decisions, but (and it’s a big but), what does the term actually mean? Proposed industry changes may see already voluntary free range farming standards diluted even further, meaning that the term used by many consumers as a beacon to more ethical produce may be nothing more than empty words.
Use our Free Range Egg & Chicken Guide when shopping and ensure you are making informed purchasing decisions when it comes to your eggs and meat chicken. View our Free Range Egg & Chicken Guide HERE.

10 Ways Checklist

Print a copy of our 10 Ways to Create a Sustainable Table checklist, and stick it on your fridge or pantry door for a daily reminder of the simple ways you can help to overcome today's environmental issues, one meal at a time. You might also like to print a copy for your work or school kitchen! Download our '10 Ways' checklist HERE

Ethical Meat Suppliers Directory

Where can you purchase ethically and sustainably-farmed meat in Melbourne and Sydney? Check out our online Ethical Meat Suppliers Directory HERE.



The Sustainable Table

You might also like to check out our educational cookbook The Sustainable Tablea collection of recipes and stories from notable chefs, farmers, producers, winemakers, gardeners and everyday people who are reducing their impact on the environment by altering their food choices. Find out more HERE.


Seasonal Regional

Seasonal Regional 
is a delightful coffee table book that profiles 70 producers from around Victoria and shares more than 50 seasonal recipes. Seasonal Regional is due for release November 2012. Pre-orders are available.

Author Sarah Robins has lovingly traversed Victoria over the past two years, profiling the people who produce our food. The book builds on the personal relationships that embody the thriving local food economy in Victoria, capturing some of the information exchanged at farmers’ markets and giving the reader an insight into who their food producers are, how they came to this livelihood, how they make or grow their goods and what wonderful things you can do with their produce. For more detail or to pre-order your copy, click HERE.

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