The following people and organisations have given their time, energy and resources to Sustainable Table and we thank them enormously.

Trading Pursuits

In 2014, Trading Pursuits kindly donated $10,000 to us through their 10x10 Charity of the Month program. Read more about Trading Pursuits and their program here.

Australian Ethical Super

Australian Ethical Super provided invaluable support for the launch of our book Seasonal Regional. Together we developed the 'Grow your Future' campaign which saw over 300 people visit Rose Creek Estate.
Australian Ethical Super has been specialising in ethical managed funds and superannuation for over 25 years. As well as avoiding investment in companies with undesirable activities, all their investments support positive activities such as renewable energy, recycling, public transport, organic foods, water technology and education.
So as well as buying sustainable and local food, saving energy, taking public transport, and recycling, you can also choose to make sure your savings and super are working toward the same goals as you are.
To find out more or to join, contact Australian Ethical Super on 1800 021 227 or visit 


ecostore is currently supporting Sustainable Table to deliver our food waste eBook The Clever Cook

ecostore supported Sustainable Table to deliver key educational messages around sustainable seafood consumption as a key financial partner of our 2014 Give a Fork! campaign.
With humble beginnings in a permaculture village 20 years ago, ecostore has grown into one of Australasia’s most trusted health/eco brands. ecostore’s products are manufactured using plant based ingredients from renewable resources. As part of their R&D process each ingredient in their extensive range of household and personal care products is researched thoroughly ensuring it’s safer and healthier for your skin and better for the planet.  
ecostore is a PETA certified organisation, proudly GE and GMO free and they are vegan friendly. Their products are labelled with a full list of ingredients.

 Qdos Technology

We can’t thank QDOS enough for donating their time and resources to host our email management, website, customer relationship database and financial systems! They are literally powering our organisation. We highly recommend their services, so when you are next in need of outsourced business technology solutions, get in touch.

 Matt Smith, Monkeypuzzle Media Group, Web design

We have been blessed by an angel in the form of a monkey! Matt has donated hours of his time and talent to designing our beautiful website. If you like what he’s done (and I can’t imagine why you wouldn’t), consider him for your web design needs.

Morris Family Foundation

The Morris Family Foundation was a major seed funding partner, helping us to establish our work of educating and empowering the community to improve food security and related food sustainability issues. 

 The Sustainable Table book Contributors

All of our contributors within The Sustainable Table lovingly donated their time and in support of our cause. We ask you to support them by going to their restaurants, buying from them at farmers’ markets, asking for their produce at food outlets and even just saying “well done” for the effort they are going to to create a sustainable food system for our future. Honourable mentions for going above and beyond in supporting our cause go to: Annie Smithers, Vegie Bar, Alice Henderson, Costa Georgiadis, Graeme Base and Matt Fowles.

 Stuart Pettigr
ew Design

We have been overwhelmed by both the talent and continued support from Stuart Pettigrew Design, in particular Kate Harrison who has put her heart and soul into designing the brand and layout of our cookbook and organisation. If Michelin stars were dealt out to designers, then this is an organisation worthy of one.


The talented team at Jumbla were the masterminds behind our incredible 2013 Give a Fork! campaign video.  Over 160 hours of work went in to producing the film which was vital to our campaign.  Jumbla worked tirelessly with the Sustainable Table team to bring our concept to life – the end result was a perfect combination of our key messages and Team Jumbla’s cheeky sense of humour and creativity.   It was such a pleasure to work with a highly-skilled and generous group of people.