Keen to help us out?
Climbing Mount Everest? Sailing around the world? Whatever your challenge, big or small, you can make Sustainable Table’s work your cause. On Everyday Hero you can easily make Sustainable Table your beneficiary and raise money on our behalf.
Why should you fundraise for Sustainable Table? 

We connect the dots.
Sustainable Table works to increase awareness of how today’s industrialised food system affects our environment. Through our work, we aim to highlight the local, regional and global implications of modern food production: From environmental degradation and animal suffering, to the spread of diseases, obesity, illness, starvation and food insecurity.

Our focus is both local and global.
On a local level our projects and events aim to increase awareness and encourage behaviour change. On a global level our projects aim to generate immediate and direct community benefits with a focus on food security and environmental sustainability. All development projects that we fund are run by local grassroots organisations who work closely with community members to ensure a high level of engagement and participation. There is often a required level of financial investment from the community to ensure buy-in, with projects having a long term goal to be self-sustaining.
Sustainable Table remains actively involved in the design, implementation and maintenance of each project to ensure maximum benefit. You can read about our different projects here.
Looking to shape up this year? Join any of our We’ve Got the Runs in 2012 events and help us raise money for our Compost Toilet project in Kenya.
Show me the money - Fundraising suggestions
Raising money for something you care about should be fun! Below you'll find a few tips that will have even your tightest mates donating to your cause.
Try your luck
Organise your own raffle. Perhaps your local bottle shop will donate a few bottles of wine as first prize. 
Be the perfect host
Host a morning tea at the office, or a wine and cheese tasting night or dinner party at your house. Try sourcing produce sourced from within 100kms, and ask people to pay what they think your food is worth. Check out Local Harvest to find good food near you.

Try out your sales skills
Sell the Sustainable Table cookbook to your friends, family, colleagues and acquaintances. For each book you sell, $20 will go toward your fundraising target. Simply e-mail us at with how many boxes you would like (minimum one box – 13 books) and we’ll have the books sent to you. If you don’t sell all books you can return them, so there is no risk.

Going to the movies
Host a film night with a gold coin donation entry - films like Food, Inc.
are terrific conversation-starters! Make your own choc tops for an irresistibly sweet incentive. Or coordinate a fundraiser at your favourite cinema.
Get crafty with it
Use your creative talent for the better good and teach your friends your crafty skills.
Beat the 3pm blues
Everyone needs an afternoon pick me up. Sell homemade treats around your office and see your colleagues face light up as you appear at their desk in time to beat the 3pm blues.

Be of service
“You make a living by what you get, but you make a life by what you give.”
- Winston Churchill
What service can you give? Are you a yoga instructor, massage therapist, swimming couch, or singing teacher. Donate the proceeds of one session a fortnight to Sustainable Table and tell your customers what you believe in.
Meat Free Monday
Organise a ‘Meat free Monday’ lunch at your workplace, business or school and donate the money you save by bringing a healthy lunch from home.
Wishing well
Celebrate your next milestone with the pleasure of asking friends and family to make a donation rather gift giving.

Grape grazing with a purpose
Visit some of the wonderful Victorian Vineyards. Organise a bus and add a little extra charge for a cheers to Sustainable Table.